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Helping Society and Improving Lives

We believe in social outreach and is one of our company philosophy that we do our part in helping the society.

During our final year project in Ngee Ann Polytechnic, we have developed a tracking software service known as The Personal Tracker to assist caregivers finding their elderly whereabouts in case of an emergency.

It was featured on ZaoBao, My Paper, and Today's newspaper and have received great commendation from various users.

From Personal Tracker to GoldenTrail

The Personal Tracker was transformed into GoldenTrail, which now aims to not only assist elderly or caregivers but practically anyone around the world.

Today, GoldenTrail has been successfully used by various users from all over the world for delivery, vehicle tracking, etc. Some were from China, United States, Argentina, and so forth.

GoldenTrail was also featured on Channel News Asia in 2014 to further outreach to family members or elderly that needed to keep track of their location in real-time in case of an emergency.

Our One United Vision

To Empower People Using IT.

towardstech why are we doing this

Why are we doing this?

Solving complex challenges have always been our utmost passion and resolving the crux of the issue is what we do best.

We believe that many small businesses (SME) and organizations today, have been struggling to improve their productivity. In order for them to stay competitive, they need to improve their process and efficiency.

Therefore, we believe with our experience and confidence to innovate, we are capable to seek the best solution with the most efficient and effective way to address their challenges.


The journey of Towards Technology and how it all started.


Towards Technology was founded as a sole proprietor and started to assist customers in web development.


Towards Technology continued to seek for customer acquisition and expand its range of services such as providing mobile development and customized system development.


Given the 100% success rate of customer satisfaction, Towards Technology begin to take on larger and more complex projects such as the Canon Photo Marathon.


Towards Technology was incorporated as a private limited company and is a GeBIZ registered partner.


Towards Technology completed its flagship product GoldenTrail and was conferred the Yes Startup Grant fund of up to $50,000. GoldenTrail was also featured on various media such as Channel News Asia, Today, ZaoBao, and MyPaper.


Towards Technology continued to build customized system and its GoldenTrail was featured on Channel News Asia Live.


Towards Technology revamped its website and begin to develop inhouse software services such as HireMerc to connect freelancers and customers on demand.

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