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Safety Savvy MINDEF

MINDEF is the Ministry of Defense in Singapore that ensures the safety and security of the Singapore nation.

MINDEF engagde us to developed an application known as the Safety Savvy, which provides timely training safety related information to its soldiers.

For example, "CAT 1" informs the soldiers the exact sector that they belong, and with a simple call in, they could access the CAT weather updates. Standard procedures in inclement weather is also available. "Contacts" provides listing of all medical facilities in order of alphabetical or distance from you. "Evac. Route" shows you the map view of medical facilities around you. It shows traffic conditions and provides driving direction.

DS3 Global Encryption and Security

DS3 Global is an encryption and security firm that specialized in integrating complex authentication for its clients.

D3 Global engaged us to assist them in configuring and modifying their existing Joomla web system, which required rewriting of their existing URL for SEO purposes in order to impress their investors visiting their website.

It was a critical mission requirement according to DS3 Global COO. This is because the work required to be completed within a single day without failure.

Given our experience, we have successfully empowered DS3 Global in securing an impression to their investors.

MOL Singapore Shipping

MOL Singapore is a shipping firm that provides real time shipment of goods to various countries globally.

MOL Singapore engaged us to assist them to modify their content and images within their existing Joomla web platform. Moreover, we also developed a new software application, which converts real time shipping EDI data into a readable table format that automatically publishes on their website.

This helps to improve their overall efficiency of their productivity, and providing accurate and real time information to their customers from all over the world.


We have developed an E-Commerce solution for THEQUATTRO to allow them to sell apparels, and accessories online. The E-Commerce was successfully deployed within 2 weeks of deadline and it has helped them to generate faster revenue and better profit prospect.

Creative Workz

Creative Workz encountered a setup and uploading issues on their Macintosh, which needed to be resolved onsite. We successfully resolved their issues and enhanced their website experience, which allowed them to connect closer with their customers online with our fast technology solutions.

INFINITY Consultant

We have developed a customized website and design for INFINITY Consultant, which helps them to drive greater sales and better customer discovery on the internet.Our services has helped INFINITY consultant to not only reach out to their customers but also allow the firm to update real time information whenever a training event has taken place.

IR Property Group Website

The IR Property Group was initially created from a free HTML website. Their intention of creating their own website is to engage exclusive customers from their competitors.So after engaging us, we have understood their business and assisted them to developed a professional and more sustainable website to engage their customers. Besides that, we also build an administrator panel to allow modification of content and uploading of new property listing.The new deployed website has helped them to engage more new customers and increased their revenue up to additional of 50%.

Camera Corner Website

Camera Corner is an SME that sells cameras and gadgets in Singapore. They have engaged us to developed an OS-Commerce system, which they had problems faced with their previous solution provider.After engaging us, we manage to resolved most of their concerns and implemented features to increase their exposure and customer engagement.

Canon Photo Marathon

The Canon Photo Marathon is an annual live photography competition event that connects professional and amateur photographers together.

In previous events, they were facing an inefficiency problem because they had to serve over 2000 participants using paper and pen during their registration and judging processes. This led to great delays and bad experience for both the judges and participants.

In order to streamline their process and improve the event experience.We were engaged by Ngee Ann Polytechnic to collaborate and successfully developed the Canon Photo Marathon system. The system allowed event organisers to register participants using a laptop and a barcode scanner of their IC and uploading of photos to be judged. Therefore, reducing queuing delay of over 150%.

Furthermore, the system also allowed judges to rate photos immediately in real time from their computers without waiting for photos to be printed and judging from there.

Statistics were also shown in the system to allow event managers and other top executive such as the CEO of canon to observe the performance of the overall event.

Cambridge Tuition Website

Cambridge Tuition initially faced a serious challenge in their registration process, which was developed from another solution provider. The challenge was so severe because new customers were not able to access their registration service.After engaging us, we managed to successfully resolved their issues and deployed their website and Cambridge Tuition was able to engage to their customers seamlessly.

Church Faith Assembly Of God

Church Faith Assembly Of God had a problem engaging their participants who could only read in Chinese.After engaging us, we developed and integrated an add-on Chinese plugin that enables their website to reach out to participants who could only read in Chinese.

Kid's Money Game

A team of students from Ngee Ann Polytechnic that took part of SIFE Global Competition 2010 needed a fast prototype solution to showcase and impress their judges about their business resolution.We developed a Kid's Money Game that was written in our own algorithm for all the games. .The team from Ngee Ann Polytechnic eventually won 1st prize and represented Singapore at Los Angeles U.S.

Pedal Works Website

Pedal Works is a Singapore shoes and apparel retailer shops that needed an IT solution to engage with its customers online.Given the tight deadline of 3 weeks, we managed to successfully developed a website that aligns to the company's goals and requirements.Overall, Pedal Works had an increase in exposure and additional leads from the online space.

Aimax Loan Management IT System

Aimax is a banking loan management web system that needed us to tweak their current design and functionalities.Given 2 months, we managed to successfully complete Aimax complex requirements and improved its performance that gain a faster and more responsive experience with its clients.

A-SourceTech Engineering IT System

A-SourceTech is a engineering startup that required an IT solution to store its intensive amount of raw data collected from its weather equipment.Furthermore, they also needed a simple website to reach out to its customers online and engage them with sales of engineering equipment.Given the complexity of their requirement, we managed to build an IT system, which captures raw data from multitude of excel spreadsheets and transferring them into a database automatically to display in the web. This Allows information to be accessible anywhere in the world.

Existing WordPress Modification

We have improved, reshaped, and redesigned Evelyn's WordPress, which the existing codes and hosting platform were in a mess. Given our professional code analysis and deployment experience, we have deployed her WordPress to a new and faster server.
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